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Greetings Fellow Nerds!
I'm just a weirdo. Don't mind me. Continue with whatever you were doing.

SH Sherlock + John Nobody Could Stamp by TwilightProwlerSH Sherlock Wink Stamp by TwilightProwlerOddly hypnotic Sherlock stamp. by LetsSaveTheUniverseLoki Doesn't Think So by DevanTheNoobMARVEL Loki Smirk Stamp by TwilightProwlerInspiration by getanaxeStamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Do Not Feed The Fangirl Stamp by LadyLiyan

Weird facts about me:
• I love tummies. They’re soft and smooth…don’t judge.
• I tend to crush on people that’s unavailable/gay/twice my age/famous. It’s a bad habit of mine.
• I check that I have all my belongings on me like 7 times when I’m outdoors/going out.
• I’ve achieved master level of the "do not fangirl in front of your family" skill.

I like:
• Hugs and cuddles.
• Cheese.
• Gaming.
• Tea.
• Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston.
• Weirdos.
• Role play.
• OTPs.

My dislikes:
• Bimbos. Especially girls that tries to seem stupid.
• Badly written fan fiction (even though I suck at it myself…ehehe).
• Anything that tastes like strawberry that isn’t actually strawberry (yeah, good luck with that sentence).
• Undisciplined dogs. I blame the owners.
• Bad grammar. Even if it’s my own.
• Racism/sexism/homophobia of any kind.


Hugo, PTS 201 by WhatIsInTheDark
Hugo, PTS 201
This could be his last potions assignment, depending on how well he played his cards. It wasn't that he didn't like Professor Helmy, it was just that he was... how to put it nicely... "an insufferable dick" at most times. Hugo wasn't sure whether he would continue with his potions studies next term or not. Perhaps he needed a break? He certainly didn't feel like researching different medical plants...

The student groaned and slammed his head on the desk. What was it with him lately? He lacked motivation... One thing Hugo knew; if he were to continue his potions studies, he certainly had to find it again. Wouldn't want to give Professor Helmy another reason to hit him, as he was sure the green man had wanted to on more than one occasion. 

Hugo slapped his cheeks to chase away the sleepy feeling that was beginning to creep up on him. "Let's get to work, shall we? This time I have to impress the professor," he said and smirked slightly. "It's certainly an impossible task, but it's worth a shot, no?"

Word count: 181

Uhhhhhh, I hate colouring. I'm tired and worn out, this should do... I hope. ._.
Ester,OW by WhatIsInTheDark
"I’m undoubtedly the coolest, most awesome person you’ll ever have the misfortune of meeting."

Basic Information

Name: Ester Wirkwood
Age: 23 (physically, she’s really 136)
Height: 5’ 8’’
Species: Elf

:bulletblack: Stealth, which is very useful for pranks.
:bulletblack: Blood magic.

Academic Information

Level: Beginner
Courses:  LIN 104, BST 103
Passed Courses:

Personal Information

:bulletblack:  Pretty boys and girls.
:bulletblack:  Loves hugs and kisses, and touches others without permission.
:bulletblack:  Flirting.
:bulletblack:  Pranking.
:bulletblack:  Boobs and butts.
:bulletblack:  Messing with authority. Her teachers better watch out.
:bulletblack:  Piercings and tattoos. Show her yours and she’ll offer to show you hers. Some of them are a bit concealed, if you catch my drift... :iconimhappyjrplz:

:bulletblack:  Hates bullies, but is kind of mean herself. Such a hypocrite.
:bulletblack:  Dresses. At least on herself. On attractive boys and girls it certainly has its appeal.
:bulletblack:  Doesn’t like to apologize.
:bulletblack:  Getting tickled.
:bulletblack:  Spicy food.

:bulletblack:  Clever.
:bulletblack:  A great, unbeatable self-confidence (not really tho, she cries far too much).
:bulletblack:  Good with daggers.

:bulletblack:  She tries to act all cool, but she is actually a real cry-baby.
:bulletblack:  Too stubborn for her own good.
“What? Is your way better than mine, and will probably keep me from getting into trouble? Hmf. I don’t think so!” *proceeds to get killed*
:bulletblack:  Water. She can’t swim.

:bulletblack:  Learning how to swim. No major life dream to accomplish, she’s pathetic like that.
:bulletblack:  Getting herself a cute boyfriend/girlfriend… or maybe two or three.
:bulletblack:  Scratch what I said before. Overly dramatic life goal: returning to her village and get back at the crazy old hags who kicked her out (see history).

:bulletblack:  Drowning.

:bulletblack:  Sarcasm is like her second language.
:bulletblack:  Awfully proud and has a great confidence.
:bulletblack:  Speaks her mind, even if it’s offensive.
:bulletblack:  Impatient and easily bored.
:bulletblack:  Obsessive.
Ester is the kind of person who just have to do something if she’s not allowed to or if someone says she can’t do it. She wants things done her way or not at all. Growing up under strict rules has made her restless and planted a seed of hatred towards authority in her. Ester is usually very mean at first (or annoyingly flirty if you’re her type), but clings onto people who become dear to her in an almost obsessive way. As I’ve mentioned: she’s a real cry-baby, and you never know what might trigger her.

Ester was brought up in an elven culture, where things such as ‘pride’ and ‘crudity’ were awful traits to have. This means that the young elf never quite fit in with her fellow comrades. But try she did. When she was younger, she lived in a small village with her mother, father and her two younger sisters. Everyday life was boring for her, and she soon became restless. After having enough of their pubertal teenager, Ester’s parents chose to send her to an elven temple, where she was to study their history and ancestry and learn new things. The studies they were provided with there did however not ease her sturdy mind, and she strayed to more… interesting activities. One day, she got caught fooling around with one of the other sisters (a girl has her needs), which the mothers didn’t approve of. She was thrown out of the temple while her ‘accomplice’ got to stay. Ester was blamed to have influenced her badly. Before throwing the girl out, the mothers cut off Ester’s hair as a sign of dishonour. She was never to return to the temple or village again. When the bad news reached her family, she’d already made her way out of their land. Not that there was much they could do anyway, the people had to respect the mothers’ decisions.

The elf scouted the surrounding lands and met all kinds of people on her journey, good and bad. She made her living by robbing people, again; not fit for an elf. A few years later she came across a traveller that told her stories of something called ‘OtherWorlde’. Ester got curious and decided to check this out for herself. Maybe they could actually teach her something interesting?

Misc. Information:
:bulletblack:  She is not good with names, so she makes up weird nicknames instead.
:bulletblack:  Under the strong belief that everyone she meets want to befriend her.
:bulletblack:  Roommate hunting already, since she doesn’t like to be on her own. A fair warning though (if you would be interested in rooming with her): she tends to sneak into people’s beds.
:bulletblack:  She’s a terrible singer. She’ll cry if you tell her that, though.

Character Relationships:
| :bulletgreen: - Likes | :bulletblack: - Dislikes | :bulletblue: - Unsure | :bulletyellow: - Interested By | :bulletpurple: - Saddened By | :bulletwhite: - Fearful Of | :bulletpink: - Crushing On | :bulletred: - Love |

(To be added)

Roleplaying Preferences:
Notes, preferably. I’m kind of slow with my replies. But I promise I don’t bite. :heart:

Script Sample:

Ester: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I in your way? *The she-elf doesn't move one bit, instead she smirks down at the poor student in front of her* Aww, come on! You'd think someone who goes to an academy for dark arts wouldn't cry that easily... *She sighs and a disgusted look comes across her face* Well, off you go then! Go tell the teachers, see how far that'll get ya'. *Stares disapprovingly at the other student as he scurries down the corridor* Tch. Let's hope not all of them are that mousy.

Lit Sample:

Ester: The girl screamed in rage and yanked the door knob a fifth time. "You better fuckin' open or I swear I'll tear ya' down!" She hissed and kicked the stupid door. She could have sworn the key was in her pocket last time she checked. "Isn't this just lovely? What a perfect way to start the day," Ester spat venomously before smirking. "How sad this door has to go..."


Pose reference © Mrakobulka

Hands reference © Scarlett-Aimpyh

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