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Day 1:

“This is ludicrous,” the beast snorted as the demon bit down on his thumb and smeared the blood across the parchment.

“Yes, no, maybe so.” Hugo handed it over to his familiar with a smug expression. “It was excited to become my familiar not too long ago, has it changed its mind so soon?”

It growled at him before biting itself as well, reaching out its massive, clawed paw. The man held the parchment as the blood drops dripped onto it, creating a mixture between green and red.

“Does it want to start?” Hugo chuckled as his familiar glared at him. “Apparently not… I’ll just start then.”

“I, Hugo,
Promise to stay by its side
Strengthen it in any way possible
And share with it any new experiences that my come my way
So be it now,
So mote it be.”

The student gazed expectantly at the creature after he’d finished, indicating that it was its turn. The familiar sighed before it began.

“I, Eztirothep'nith,
Promise not to devour this one
Aid him if I deem it necessary
And stay by his side for as long as I find it interesting
So be it now,
So mote it be.”

Hugo smiled deviously and nodded, rather pleased.

“What is it?”  it snarled.

“Its vow may not have been as caring as mine, but at least it was sincere. What delights me, however, is that I now know its name.” He smiled sweetly. “Eztiroth.”

"That is not my name, white imp.”

“It is not, but I’m not even going to try pronouncing it, I deem it impossible. Besides, I like Eztiroth way better. It has a nicer ring to it…” Hugo said thoughtfully.

Eztiroth peered at the man, not sure if he felt offended or amused. “Are you implying that my name is unpleasant?”

Hugo grinned broadly. “Yes, no, maybe so?”

They were both interrupted in their meaningless quarrel as the neglected flour baby began to cry. Hugo gently picked it up in his arms and gazed at it with interest.

“It’s kind of cute,” he said.

“It is hideous.”

Day 2:

The familiar opened his eyes slightly, still half asleep as the flour baby began to cry once more. “Can I eat it?”

“No, it cannot,” Hugo huffed disgruntledly. “This one is for my assignment, and Professor Razik would be very displeased with me if I were to return merely slivers of it.” Although he couldn’t say that he wasn’t tempted to let the creature tear it apart…

“Why are you so keen about meeting the green man’s requirements anyway?”

The demon gazed thoughtfully at his familiar. “It is my professor, after all,” he said. “And I do feel some sort of respect towards it, I suppose…”

Eztiroth cackled at him before going back to sleep again.

Day 3:

“GAAAAAH!!! IS IT EVER GOING TO STOP CRYING?” Hugo tore savagely at his feather pillow, stuffing his ears full of its contents before trudging over to the baby’s crib, hissing as he did so.

“I seem to recall you saying it was cute, bloodless one.”


Eztiroth laughed. “Whatever you say, imp.”

Day 4:

“I am going to kill Professor Razik,” the pale man hissed for the fifth time that day. As always, his familiar just watched him with amusement as he in vain tried to feed the wailing flour baby. It almost scared him how much its cries resembled those of a banshee.

To hell with demons, this was the true spawn of Satan.

“The green man would shred you into pieces, I am sure.”

I DON’T CARE,” the man growled, a murderous intent in his hollow eyes.

“If you die, then can I eat it?”


The hairy beast snorted. “Touchy.”

Day 5:

“There, there, my malicious little lump of flour. It is rather pleasant outside tonight, is it not?”

The flour baby watched bypassing students with amazement, letting out a small gurgle now and then. The man’s familiar trailed beside the baby stroller, which Hugo somehow had managed to build (don’t ask me how) using bones of different birds he had found on campus. There wasn’t much else he could preoccupy himself with while the baby was sleeping, seeing as it soon would wake up again, he might as well do productive things during those small amounts of time. And see? It had been worth it. Their little flourling hadn’t wept a single time while they were out.

Hugo let out an exaggerated sigh. “Peace at last…”

Day 6:

“It is hungry again, bloodless one. Feed it.”  Eztiroth glowered at it from his corner, as the horrendous thing howled yet again.

“Nooooo….I don’t want to,” the linguistics student whined.

Another high pitched scream bounced off the walls.

“Do it now, or I will feed on you,”  the familiar growled ominously.


Day 7:

“One more day…just one more day,” Hugo told himself and rocked back and forth in his current fetal position. He flinched notably as the flour baby moved in its sleep.

“You are pathetic.”

Final day:

With dark bags under his eyes, and a crazy look on his face, Hugo approached his devilish professor. “Here is the flour baby, Professor… I didn’t kill it,” he said. “Not that I thought of killing it, I mean, who would ever want to kill such an endearing creature?” he was quick to add. “I absolutely loved this assignment, really.” He cackled to himself.

“You do realise that you managed to break him, green one?” the demon’s familiar added amusedly.

Hugo elbowed him sharply in the side before facing Professor Razik again, a sickly sweet smile on his lips. “I don’t know what it is talking about... A lovely assignment by a lovely professor. Here,” the man pushed the baby into the other’s arms. “I wish you the best of luck with the grading. Now, good night.” Hugo dragged his familiar out of the office in the blink of an eye, just in case Razik were to get the desire to mess with his student’s head even further.

Seriously, what was it with the teachers at this academy?

Hugo muttered under his breath, “Lunatic….”
Eztirothep'nith, aka Eztiroth by WhatIsInTheDark
Eztirothep'nith, aka Eztiroth
This is really sketchy and lazily made, but I'm honestly too tired to care right now.

Special thanks to my friend for helping me come up with a name for him!
Hugo, LIN 202 by WhatIsInTheDark
Hugo, LIN 202
This week has been pretty busy, so here's a short and messy comic for Hugo's assignment! The fact that the creature looks like a furry, horned version of Barbapapa kind of amuses me. .______.

Also, I hope I didn't completely butcher Razik! :heart: He is an extremely beautiful character, after all.

Razik © Yekrutslover
Word Count: 651


Hugo wasn’t really sure what their professor wanted them to achieve with this. He knew that they were supposed to find themselves a familiar. But how?

The pale demon tugged on his ears, agitated. Just what qualified a familiar?

“Curious that kelpie is… very curious indeed.” The man shook his head and sighed. He’d been feeling rather weary lately, and it was not a pleasant feeling to have.

Hugo didn’t know where he should look for his familiar, so he just strolled further and further into the forest, rather unaware of his surroundings. During his walk he’d seen many varieties of magical creatures, but none in particular that had caught his interest.

“This is tedious,” he muttered to himself, and was just about to turn back when it hit him.

Hugo fell abruptly and landed on his back, the creature hovering just above his face. Its breath stank horribly, and he had to turn away his head to prevent a coughing fit. He glared at the creature out of the corner of his eye.

It was massive. Unlike anything he’d ever seen before.

“You should not be here…” it growled at him maliciously.

He wasn’t really in the mood to yap with this one, but when Hugo spoke he was polite nonetheless. He didn’t wish to be eaten, after all… “Forgive me,” he said. “It was never my intention to infuriate it.”

The monster frowned. “Then you should leave...”

Hugo wanted to do nothing more, he was very tired. But something about this creature did spike his interest. “What is its name, if I may ask?”

It peered at him, sharp teeth bared in a snarl. “I do not share my name with low-like creatures such as yourself.”

“There’s no need to be rude about it,” Hugo huffed and the monstrous thing let out an unpleasant sound, which the man guessed was supposed to be a twisted version of laughter. “I do not think that you are in the position to question my manners, bloodless one,” it said with an amused gleam in its pearly eyes. The demon raised a brow at the peculiar nickname, but said nothing. “Say, why are you here?”

Hugo gazed at it cautiously. Should I tell it what it is that has brought me here?

The monster thought that he was taking too long with his answer, as it pressed down on him. Hugo winced as he heard his ribs crack. “Speak up, boy,” it demanded.

“I am here to find a familiar,” Hugo hurried to answer. He let out a thankful sigh as the pressure on his chest eased a bit.

“A familiar, you say?” It seemed intrigued by this, its blood red eyes staring down on him. A grim smile spread across its features. “Then you can stop looking, little one...”


“I shall be your familiar,” it said. “You need one, and I am bored to death. So it is settled.”

“Hold on a minute… it wants to be my familiar?”


The pale man stared at it in disbelief. It made no sense. Why would it actually want to go with him? Boredom seemed like an insignificant reason… Maybe it just wanted access to the academy’s grounds, so that it could roam about and terrorize students however it liked?

“Give me one good reason to trust you,” Hugo said.

It smirked and pressed down on him yet again. “I have not eaten you yet, white imp… I could if I wanted to, surely.”

He debated with himself whether or not to bring the creature back with him. Finally, he nodded.

The monster let out another nasty laugh before getting off him. Hugo carefully sat up and checked if anything else besides a few ribs was broken.

“Now, come, little one. The day will soon arise,” it said smugly. The dark haired man regarded it with unease.

What had he gotten himself into?



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