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God, what a stench… Hugo scrunched his nose in dismay. It smelled like a crematorium in here… Professor Helmy had warned them about the plant’s awful smell, but Hugo hadn’t thought that it would be this bad. He wondered if it had something to do with the fact that it was almost fully grown? He stared sceptically at the plant. All of the abnormal things that grew in here bewildered him…

The demon jotted down a few notes, including a very badly drawn sketch of the Oozeleaf before deciding that it would do. He’d spent a few hours in the Bad Greenhouse already, and was starting to feel rather tired. Hugo hummed happily as he skimmed through his notes one last time. The man was so preoccupied (not being able to do two things at once) that he didn’t notice the vines that began to slither in front of his feet, covering the narrow path on which he walked. Completely oblivious, the demon stepped right on them.

And then he fell.

The man let out a howl as he crashed against the ground. He heaved himself up into a sitting position and rubbed his sore forehead. He opened his hollow eyes, only to be met by a pair of big, red, ugly lips. And before he had any time to react, it spat at him.

Blue, slimy saliva dripped off of Hugo’s face. He blinked slowly as a sort of hissing sound emerged from the plant, like it was laughing at him. The nasty vines that had caused him to fall in the first place slowly slipped over to Hugo. They poked his cheek with their razor sharp tails, leaving behind clean cuts. The demon glared at the other plant as it kept laughing at him. It was almost like all the plants in the greenhouse were teaming up against him…

Hugo quickly hopped back up on his feet, not really feeling like getting hit by another tide of greasy spit. He rubbed the side of his cheek in an attempt to make it go away. It didn’t. He sighed and continued to glare at the cackling plant. “That wasn’t very nice of it,” he muttered. Hugo picked up his hat which had flown off during the fall and plopped it back onto his head.

“Now where was I?” He scratched his cheek idly, a puzzled look on his face. “Ah…yes. I still need to turn in my assignment.” The dark haired man smiled. However, that smile soon turned into a deep frown as he realised that he was, in fact, not holding the paper in his hands anymore.

Hugo frantically began to search for it. Luckily for him it didn’t take too long for him to find it, as it had landed merely a few feet away from him. He plucked it from the ground and let out a sound of relief.

“I don’t know what this one would do if-“

He stopped.

The precious notes that he’d taken his time to write down… were ruined.

Hugo stared at the slime-covered piece of paper and whimpered as a feeling of horror came crashing down on him. He pulled frantically on his ears, wailing so loudly that even the students seated in the building’s classrooms could hear him.

Hugo, PTS 101 - Not so Lucky
Yeah, Hugo does find Professor Helmy pretty intimidating. The potions master seems like someone who would yank his ears just to punish him for his stupidity… and he surely doesn’t want to be treated like poor Mirage.

I’ve also realised that I made a HUGE mistake on the first assignment. My own fault for not reading the instructions properly…heh, oh well.

Word Count: 555

Helmy © viralremix
Mirage (for mentioning him) © AWaterFox
Just who was this Sinclair? Hugo had never been very good at remembering names, or rather, he remembered them, but he just never seemed to be able to put faces to them... If he remembered correctly, Sinclair would be the sullen-looking guy with the amazingly red hair. He'd caught a few glimpses of the other during class, and had felt slightly intrigued by his cold exterior. But surely the boy couldn't be as unpleasant as he seemed to be? Hugo sighed wistfully. The demon guessed that Sinclair was one of those beautiful creatures that he was only allowed to look at (if even that) but not touch.

Hugo knocked three times softly on the door of his partner's room. He figured that he should probably be nervous, but he wasn't, quite the contrary actually. He wished to see those golden eyes again... The man hummed happily to himself, quietly thanking Professor Razik for pairing him up with this intriguing young boy.


Theon had left the room for the time being to go fuss over whatever ridiculous familiar he'd enamored himself with, giving Sinclair precious time to enjoy it to himself. He'd just flopped onto his bed and pressed his face into his blood red pillow when he heard the sound of a knock on the door. Ears twitching back, he hoped if he didn't answer, the person would (perhaps rightfully) assume he wasn't there.

But no, the knocking came two more times. Deciding the universe must be conspiring against him and his ability to have ANY alone time, Sinclair hissed and pushed himself from his bed, eyes narrowed as he slipped to the other side of the room to approach the door. Whoever was bugging him at such a horrible time was going to get an earful. Frustrated, he yanked the door open, and studied the student behind it with little interest. "Who are you, and what do you want."

His voice lacked the inflection to indicate it was a question, enough to make one believe he didn't actually want an answer.

Hugo's excitement died down a bit as the other snarled at him. He blinked confusedly at the boy in the door, not really sure what to say next. Oh my... this one seems a bit rude, the demon thought. It seemed as he had been wrong about his previous assumption. Maybe Sinclair wasn't so nice after all...

The man inclined his head a bit and gazed curiously at Sinclair. "My name is Hugo," he said. "I'm its partner for the Magical Linguistics assignment." He resisted the urge to reach out and touch the redhead's hair, a bit annoyed as he had to restrain himself a lot these days. The anger in Sinclair's eyes made up for his bitterness though, and a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips when he spoke. "I thought that maybe it would like to accompany me in the search for some interesting animals to study?" he mused.

Sinclair hadn't planned on working on the assignment until at least the last stretch of the quarter. What was the point of having so much time to work if you were going to do it in the beginning? Students like this bugged him - it was like nothing short of perfection and promptness was good enough for them. Grunting, he did realize that finishing off this annoying assignment would mean he wouldn't have to see this student again for the rest of the month, though, and that had its benefits.

"Seeing animals that are most likely to try eating you?" he asked, surveying the student critically. "And what use are you? What can you do? Or are your abilities as pointless as my room mate's?"

Why did his teacher seem so adamant about putting students in groups, anyway? He had to wonder if anyone else felt the way he did, in that he didn't want to interact with anyone else if he could help it. Solo assignments sounded more to his pleasure, as he could do them at any time without some nag coming to his door unannounced. He peered at Hugo. Yes, that was certainly accurate.

The demon didn't know who Sinclair's roommate was, and he certainly didn't know of his abilities. Though he tried to answer as well as he could. "Well... Some simple mind control, for starters. And my blood contains a paralyzing poison, one bite and whatever creature is chasing my poor partner will stop, if that's what it means."  Hugo smiled wryly and leaned onto his folded umbrella. "Is it going to invite me in, or is it particularly fond of its doorway?" Sinclair didn't seem too keen on letting him in, but he also didn't give Hugo any indication that he was going to move anytime soon, let alone come with him. And then there was the probability of Sinclair shutting the door in his face.

Hugo wiggled his ears playfully. "Either way, the least it can do is tell me of its abilities as well... Seems only fair, no?"

Sinclair narrowed his eyes at him and shook his head. “No. I don’t have to tell you anything,” he spat. This guy was really starting to get on his nerves… “You are going to leave now.” The boy began to close the door. Hugo panicked and stuck his foot in the door to keep it from shutting.

Sinclair glared at him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m not leaving until it agrees to help me.”


“…because Professor Razik paired us up for a reason?”

This brat doesn’t even sound sure of himself, Sinclair thought. I bet he’ll manage to get himself killed if he goes out there alone.

Not that he could care less. Hugo wasn’t his responsibility.

Hugo looked at him pleadingly. “Pleeeease?...”

“Fine! I’ll come with you,” Sinclair snarled. “As long as it means that you’ll stop talking.”

“Oh, okay! If that’s what it wants then-” The demon clapped his hands together, then hurried to shut up when Sinclair glared at him.

“That’s better,” the boy said and elbowed his way past him. Hugo smiled happily and followed the other student.


Hugo would eventually break the ‘no talk’ rule, but it didn’t take more than a scowl from Sinclair to shush him again. Because even if the demon generally didn’t care about what others thought of him, Sinclair somehow managed to make him feel frighteningly undesirable...

The way to the forest wasn’t that far, but it felt like forever for Sinclair. So he was very grateful when the other finally found what he was looking for.

There, in the middle of a small grove, were three magnificent creatures. They kind of looked like animal skeletons, with their sharp, white bones sticking out. But what amazed Hugo the most was their dusky eyes… He’d never seen anything like these creatures before.

The man pulled Sinclair down next to him behind a large rock, not wanting to scare them off. Sinclair growled slightly at the unwelcomed contact, but didn’t say anything.

Hugo smiled as he watched the skeleton mother guarding over her two playing pups. “Look how adorable they are,” he said. Sinclair just rolled his eyes at him and watched the scene before him with a rather uninterested expression. “They have really peculiar eyes…”

The blood demon snorted. “Coming from the guy who doesn’t even have eyes.”

“…fair enough.” Hugo bit his bottom lip, a bit frustrated. He then gazed at the puppies with a fond expression. “Aren’t they just beautiful,” he squealed, barely stopping himself from grabbing the other’s arm in excitement. Sinclair stared disapprovingly at him.

Why did I have to get paired up with such an annoying guy, he thought. Sinclair didn’t really share the man’s enthusiasm on this. He wanted to get the whole thing over with so that he could go back to the dorm and just sleep. And if he was lucky, that bastard wouldn’t have come back yet…

“Are we done here?” Sinclair said impatiently.

Hugo tilted his head slightly, peering at the redhead curiously. “Is it in a hurry?”

“I just don’t want to be stuck out here with you all night.”

“Oh…” The demon smirked wryly. Even though Sinclair seemed to look down on him, Hugo still found the situation a bit amusing. Surely Razik must have known that Sinclair wouldn’t like him? Though it didn’t seem like the young student was one to like anyone… Hugo bet that their professor had his fair share of fun when pairing up his students.

The two of them sat there for a while, watching the way the three animals communicated with each other. The mother would let out this sort of hissing noise whenever her children were getting too rowdy for her liking, something Hugo found extremely fascinating. He wondered just how their biology worked?

Sinclair sighed and changed his sitting position once again. It was really uncomfortable staying like this, and it didn’t seem like these creatures were aggressive, so there really wasn’t any need for him to stick around any longer.

“I’m off. Have fun with your beloved skeletons,” the blood demon grumbled as he finally got up. He could really use some sleep right now… and there was no way in hell that he would stay for this brat.

“What? But we only just got here,” Hugo whined.

“Tch. Whatever.”

Hugo watched as the other student grew smaller and smaller among the dark trees as he stalked off, leaving the man on his own. He turned to the creatures again with a dissatisfied pout.

“What a rude one…”
Hugo, LIN103
Viral and I began this as a roleplay, but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to finish it, so I chose to continue it.

I hope that I got Sinclair’s personality right for the most part!

:iconviralremix: Word Count: 378
:iconwhatisinthedark: Word Count: 1224

Sinclair © :iconviralremix:
Razik © :iconyekrutslover:
Hugo, LIN103, Poisonous Bat by WhatIsInTheDark
Hugo, LIN103, Poisonous Bat

The cave was extremely dark, and quite frankly, enormous. The only thing lightening up the place were the rows of rocks that zigzagged all the way from the cave’s opening and into the obscure depths of it. They kind of reminded Hugo of the Magical Linguistics professor and his diabolic smile… They gave off a white illuminated glow which the man felt grateful for, as the rocks allowed him to see the path ahead.

After he’d gotten more secure of where he’d better put his feet, the demon spent the next three hours running about in the cave, exploring every nick and cranny of it and pestering the creatures that occupied there to no end. A poke here and there, some material gathering for his research… just basic behaviour on Hugo’s part.

Obviously, the bats weren’t as pleased as he was about the whole thing. They did everything they could to stay out of the way, after they’d realised that their poison didn’t have any effect on him. Hugo guessed that the poison in his own body overcame theirs somehow.

However, there was one bat that dared to approach this annoying intruder. When Hugo was finishing up his notes, it flew over to the man and landed on a pointed rock in front of him.

“Watcha’ doing?” it asked.

Hugo was baffled for a second, but soon got hold of his tongue again. “It speaks,” he said in astonishment. He ought to be used to things like this now, he thought, though they never seemed to stop to amaze him.

The bat looked at him with a rather smug expression. “Of course I can speak, Dumbo.”


“Yeah, you’ve got some pretty big ears.”

“As does it.” Hugo poked one of the creature’s ears and reveled in how soft it was.

It bit after his hand, and Hugo retracted it just in time before the sharp fangs made contact with his skin. “Don’t touch me!” it snarled.

“Oh… forgive me,” said Hugo. “I won’t do it again.”

The bat growled quietly, its ears lay down on its head and Hugo couldn’t help but chuckle at how agitated it looked.

“What’s its name?” he asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t have one. I don’t need one.”

“Everyone should have a name,” the demon said. “I’m going to call it ‘Razik’, after my new professor!” He smiled brightly and felt proud over the idea. Razik was a very beautiful name, after all.

It scoffed at him. “You can’t name me after someone else! It’s their name, not mine.”

“I thought it would be a great name,” he said and pouted. “Very well. I’ll just call it ‘Grumpy’ then.”

“That’s an awful name.”

Hugo shrugged. “It does suit it, and I don’t know anyone else who goes by that name.”

The creature surely didn’t seem satisfied with his choice of name, as it squinted at him angrily. “And I don’t see why you should be here in the first place.” It bared its fangs at him. “I think it’s time for you to leave. You’ve overstayed your welcome…”

Multiple pair of eyes gleamed behind it, threatening him, should he choose to ignore the bat.

Hugo hopped up to his feet. He dusted dirt and some green slimy-looking substance off his cloak. “I would say it’s been nice meeting it… but it hasn’t,” he said. They’d tried to bite him at several occasions, after all. Though it hadn’t really been uncalled for... as he’d been quite intrusive.

“However, I’ve learned plenty today, and for that I thank them.” Hugo smiled and bowed slightly toward the bats.

He then strode out of the cave, but not before he’d turned around and called out to his new friend, “Farewell, Grumpy!”


The early morning air hit Hugo as soon as he made it outside. He shuffled through his notes. “I do hope Professor Razik will be pleased with this.” Everything seemed to be in order, he thought. Hugo began his long way back to the castle, glad to have finished the first part of the assignment.

“What creature is the professor most like?” Hugo thought about it, though he couldn’t come up with anything at the moment. He gnawed irritably at his bottom lip, and was quick to spit out the blood that came from doing so. The poison in it didn’t exactly give the blood the best taste… Hugo whined to himself.

When he came across some big rocks, just outside the academy’s grounds, the demon sat down to gather his thoughts.

There isn’t a lake nearby, which makes it even harder as I can’t study any water creatures in person, Hugo thought. He’d asked one of the professors about it, and had been very disappointed by the answer.

It had been rather kind of Razik to offer himself as Hugo’s partner. Only problem was that the kelpie was a hard individual to analyse… There seemed to be more to the professor than met the eye. Hugo lay down on the rock and gazed up at the stars above him, amazed by their bright light.

Suddenly, a memory itched its way into his mind.

He faintly remembered a story that Father Marcus had told him once, of how he at one time had come across a dolphin on his way down to a temple in the east. The priest had sat down to talk to it for a bit, and the minute he began to walk away it had splashed some water at him, laughing a pearly laughter as he turned around to glare at it. He’d told Hugo that there was this kind of amused gleam that never quite left its eyes.

A dolphin, huh? the demon thought and smiled slightly. Coming to think of it, there were some attributes that his beloved professor shared with the animal. That they both were water creatures was pretty obvious… Though they also shared the same playfulness and wisdom. Hugo didn’t actually know why dolphins were considered to be wise, but he didn’t complain as it gave him another similarity to write down in his notes. What else was there? Ah, yes… Dolphins loved to play around with humans, and in Razik’s case, that would be his students. Hugo guessed that both parties just enjoyed being around people in general.

But the animal wasn’t magical… Or was it? He’d heard of a dolphin-like creature before, which was said to be able to heal minor wounds and such things. So it fit the criteria, right?

The man scribbled it all down in his notes before he continued his way to the academy. Hugo yawned and rubbed his sleepy eyes, picking up his speed somewhat. The sun would certainly go up soon, and there was nothing he wanted more than to lie in his warm, fluffy bed by then.

Word Count: 1144


Art, Magical Linguistics classroom © :iconfalynevarger:
Razik © :iconyekrutslover:



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